Vera Van Heeringen, originally from The Netherlands, is firmly rooted in transatlantic traditions. Her emotionally astute songwriting is underpinned with an understated rich instrumental craft on guitar and mandolin.  In September 2019, Vera released her third album, Won’t Be Broken, receiving rave reviews and described by the press as her best recording yet. Her songs are poignant and personal, heartbreaking and uplifting, her playing stripped back, potent, and full of groove. 


Vera is a master of the less-is-more lyric, conveying more in half-a-dozen words than lesser mortals do in half-a-dozen verses. Towering, powerful and impressive songwriting. ”

— RnR Magazine

An artist whose work is maturing like a fine wine; it’s a delight to taste and a pleasure to partake in but it will also make your head spin.”

— Folk Radio UK

This lady oozes class”

— FRoots

As good a player as she is it is just possible that Vera van Heeringen is an even better songwriter. While the songs are resolutely embedded in acoustic music traditions from both sides of the Atlantic, her original yet contemporary sound is built upon resonant and empathetic songwriting which connects directly and immediately with the listener.”

— Americana UK

Vera has a gift that brings guitar a life in a way that’s entirely her own.”

— FolkWords